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Legalization of Documents


We do not legalize the content of a document, we only legalize official signatures. Hence documents need to be legalized first by the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs before being sent to us.


You have to bring DNI if you are a Peruvian citizen or a passport if you are a Foreigner.


Fees: Please pay in SGD at exchange rate 1.5 ( Please pay in cash and exact amounts )
Legalisation of company documents
USD 80.00
Certificates of origin or analysis of products
USD 50.00
Zoosanitary certificates
USD 50.00
Free Sale certificates
USD 50.00
Legalisation of powers of attorneys for individuals
USD 60.00
Any other legalisation for individuals
USD 30.00
Notarial certificates
USD 25.00
Legalisation for Peruvian citizens of degrees or any document
relating to his/her studies
USD 1.00
Legalisation of signatures for individuals :
USD 50.00


Processing time: 3 working days


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