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Welcome to Peru
Welcome to the adventure paradise of South America: few travel experiences in the world equal Peru for its spectrum of matchless beauty. Situated on the west coast of South America, Peru is the third largest South American country; a country made up of serene Andean peaks and vast Amazon rainforests and deserts, retaining the origins of many secrets and mysteries that have fascinated historians and travellers for centuries.
Perhaps the greatest race of all in South America were t he Incas, expert stonemasons who created cities and temples and filled them with golden treasures.
No visit to Peru would be complete without appreciating the grandeur, beauty and mystery of the ancient city of Machu Picchu. At the same time, there is no more intriguing archeological riddle than the great ground drawings which have laid for centuries on the desert floor of Nazca. Civilisations even older than the Incas were responsible for these strange drawings of birds and animals.
Peru is a fascinating country that offers activities as diverse as cruises on the Amazon from its tropical port, Iquitos, and championship surfing offshore from Lima. Since the Spanish occupied Peru in the 16th Century, there has been a blend of native Indian and Spanish cultures which has borne a people of exceptional beauty. The pleasure of dining can be very exciting in Peru, as well as shopping for a bargain, everywhere and anywhere, from Indian markets to elegant boutiques.
Good quality hotel and a tradition of welcoming the traveller make Peru a sumptous and warm-hearted.

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