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In Peru

Traveler Assistance
For Your Safety
Food and Drink
Traveler Assistance
For assistance, call:
In Lima: (1) 224-7888
In other cities: Toll free 0-800-2579.
For Your Safety
Take normal precautions against pickpockets.
Carry a copy of your identification documents.
Keep the originals and your valuables in the hotel's safe box.
Avoid attracting attention when carrying valuables.
Do not carry large amounts of money.
. Keep an eye on your handbags and baggage.
Do not carry suitcases, handbags or backpacks on your back.
Do not change money with street changers.
You can make international and domestic long distance calls from pay phones. Most booths display the country and city codes.
To make international calls, dial: 00 + country code + city code + telephone number
To call from one city to another in Peru, dial: 0 + city code + telephone number
Pay phones accept coins and cards usually sold at kiosks and supermarkets. Make sure you buy the right card for the telephone company you want to call through. For information, dial 103.
Drink only bottled or boiled water.
Be careful when eating raw vegetables and fruit.
Avoid eating from street vendors.
To avoid mountain sickness (soroche), rest on your first day in the Highlands and eat frugally. A coca leaf tea also helps.
If you are traveling to the Jungle, make sure you bring insect repellent and a raincoat.

To get medical assistance, contact your lodging keeper or your travel agent. For traveler's insurance, contact:

. World Wide: 422-7272, 422-7140
Assist Card: 446-0710, 446-8778, 446-4258
Royal & Sunalliance: 241-2430
Food and Drink
Peruvian cuisine offers travelers a wide range of typical dishes from the Coast, Highlands and Jungle regions. Always ask bout their preparation, as some may be strongly spiced or spicy hot.
Recommended dishes from the Coast are cebiche (marinated fish in lemon juice), carapulcra (dry-potato goulash) and corn tamales. In the Highlands, try olluquito con charki, roasted cuy (guinea pig); and meat and tubers pachamanca baked in a hole in the ground. Palm heart salad and rice tamales known as juanes are typical dishes from the Jungle.
You can't miss trying Peru's world-renowned pisco sour cocktail made with pisco (grape brandy). Chicha morada is a non-alcoholic beverage prepared with blue corn. Chicha de Jora is a fermented drink made from yellow corn, and masato is a typical Amazon region beer made from manioc.
Tips vary and depend on the client's satisfaction with the quality of the service rendered.

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