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As of 2012, Peru ranks among the most liberal and open economies worldwide and offers prospective investors an unparalleled free market environment and a wide range of possibilities. After the implementation of far-reaching structural reforms and a development model based on a free-market economy regime, Peru is currently one of the best economic performers in Latin America.


Peru's main exports as of 2004 were to USA, China, UK, Chile, Japan, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, among others. Main exports to Singapore are Main exports to Singapore are fuel oils, canned seafood, fishmeal, cotton clothing, copper, grapes and ornamental fish.


Peru's current legislation provides that foreign investors in Peru will enjoy the same treatment, as Peruvian nationals, that all investors may access the foreign exchange market freely, and that all earnings on their investment may be disposed of at the investor's discretion, be it by reinvesting it in Peru, or sending it abroad.


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