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Peru Annual Weather  
General Characteristics  
According to its geographical location, (tropical region of the
southern hemisphere), Peru should have a warm, humid and rainy
climate; however; the presence of the Andes Mountain Range,
the anticyclonic circulation of the South Pacific, and the cold Humbolt
current have shaped the environmental conditions, creating a
signifcant variety of climates.

It almost never rains on the coast, characterized by thick fogs and
light drizzle between May and November, producing a cold sensation
although the average annual temperature fluctuates between 14ºC
and 18ºC (57°F and 64°F). In the summer (December-April), humidity
decreases and the sun shines brightly.

Both in the sierra and in the jungle there is a dry season (May
-October), plenty of sunny days, and a rainy season between
December and March (winter). While the sierra has a fresh and dry
climate with annual average temperatures fluctuating between 9ºC
and 18ºC (48°F and 64°F), the jungle has a tropical climate with
temperatures oscillating between 26ºC and 40ºC (79°F and 104°F).

The climate In the Andean valleys is generally dry and warm almost
all year long, with some rain during the summer.
Temperature and Precipitation

The average temperature and rainfall in the main cities is indicated below:


(Min - Max)
(Min - Max)
Arequipa 7° C - 21° C 0 mm - 40 mm
Cuzco 0° C - 21° C 0.5 mm - 145 mm
Iquitos 20°C - 32°C 160 mm - 300 mm
Lima 15°C - 27°C 0 mm - 20 mm
Peru Map
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