01/12/2020                                                                    News

    On 1 December 2020, the Ambassador of Peru to Singapore, Carlos Vasquez, visited Sun Ray Cafe, a coffee shop that in association with Parchmen & Co - 百茶门 is delighting the Singapore coffee lovers with Peruvian Specialty Coffee. Parchmen & Co - 百茶门 is a specialty coffee roaster and trader in Singapore. The company purchased two lots of Peruvian specialty coffee at the last Singapore Cooffe auction organized by Singapore Coffee Association. Parchmen & Co is commercializing the following lots: - PARAÍSO, PERU (LIMITED) - GEISHA, BLACK HONEY, produced in Chanchamayo, Peru, by INCAN FORESTS SAC and - JAEN, PERU – TYPICA, CATURRA, BOURBON, CATIMOR – produced in Jaen, Peru, by ALBUGAT SAC – (SOLD OUT). The coffee can be purchased on Parchmen & Co’s web page: https://www.parchmen.co/…/ame…/products/paraiso-peru-limited Or at Sun Ray Café: http://www.sunray.sg/, 79 Brighton Cres, Singapore 559218. The Peruvian participation at the Singapore Coffee Auction was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru, the Embassy of Peru in Singapore, and the Singapore Coffee Association; in collaboration with Asociación de Exportadores ADEX and Sierra y Selva Exportadora. Diplomacia Económica

  • Donation of the book "El Largo Camino de Castilla" to the "Spanish World" language center

    26/11/2020                                                                    News

    On 10 November, Ambassador Carlos Vasquez met Mr. Mikel Manso, Managing Director of Spanish World Singapore, which is a language center that specializes in teaching Spanish in Singapore.On that occasion, Ambassador Vasquez donated the recently published novel “El Largo Camino de Castilla” by the Peruvian writer Eduardo Gonzalez Viaña.Diplomacia Cultural


    24/11/2020                                                                    News

    The Peruvian government, through the Trade Commission of Peru in Hong Kong, has started a campaign to promote Peruvian superfoods in Singapore, in collaboration with the restaurant OLA Cocina del Mar. The Ambassador of Peru in Singapore, Carlos Vasquez, attended the inaugural event, along with specialized influencers and journalists.

  • Meeting with Mr. Alvin Tan, Minister of State at the Ministry for Trade and Industry of Singapore

    06/11/2020                                                                    News

    On 6 November 2020, the Ambassador of Peru to Singapore, Mr. Carlos Vasquez, met the Minister of State at the Ministry for Trade and Industry of Singapore, Mr. Alvin Tan. Both parts discussed issues of mutual interest such as the bilateral cooperation in agribusiness and the negotiations for Singapore to become an Associate State of the Pacific Alliance.